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Symptoms and Causes of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the common lung disease but at the same time it the affects our many other parts of our body like circulatory system, lymphatic system, nerves system, circulatory system, joints and bones too.

Some of the very commonly seen symptoms are:

1. Some people have encapsulated immune system in their bodies where a TB bacterium reaches very rapidly. Here, these bacteria effects and in some places it does not. But normally bacteria have dormant laid in our body from long.

2. Till now nobody has explained the exact symptoms of TB but at the same time there are some unexplained signs which are loss of weight, loss of appetite and energy, night sweating, fever etc.

According to the doctor if in between from 48 to 72 hours you do not get cured by normal medical prescription for treatment of tuberculosis then it is a note to worry about. You should take care about your health and maintain a proper diet and follow some guidelines to make sure that you live healthily.

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