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Prevention and cure of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a very common lung disease mostly found in the low developed countries and rural areas. Tb effects lungs but at the same time can affect our bones, kidneys and other parts of the body and tissues. The treatment of Tuberculosis or diagnosing of a person is done in the following ways:

1. Firstly the skin of the person is checked whether tuberculin is present or not. It is also called as TB test. Through this test, the doctor can know how a person is exposed to the infection and up to what extent. Although the patient might not have introduced with the disease but at the same time may have some connection to the bacteria. This is developed in a person due to hypersensitivity nature.

2. Test for Mycobacterium search is done in order to check the Tuberculosis fluids present in the tissue/s.

3. X-Ray is taken out of the person to know whether there are any injuries (may be of past or recent ones).

It is always important to keep a check on your health regularly.

Go for regular checkups so that you should be aware of what is going in your body every now and then. Tb Treatment on time should be given to the patients.

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