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Shortly termed as TB, tuberculosis is the common lung disease which affects our many other parts of our body like circulatory system, lymphatic system, nerves system, circulatory system, joints and bones. Tuberculosis stands for Tubercle Bacillusis which is caused due to a bacterium called mycobacterium.

There are few signs and causes of the disease that cannot be overlooked. Some people have encapsulated immune system in their bodies where a TB bacterium reaches very rapidly. In some people these bacteria effects and in some places it does not. But normally bacteria have dormant laid in our body from long.

So our first important task or criteria is to keep our immune system very neat and clean and in top shape. Till now nobody has explained the exact symptoms of TB but at the same time there are some unexplained signs which are loss of weight without reason, loss of appetite and energy, night sweats and night fever and the long list continues.

According to the doctor if in between 48 to 72 hours you do not get cured by normal medical prescription then it is a note to worry about. Tuberculosis vaccine was invented years ago for the people so that they do not get trapped in this disease. Taking care about your health is a very good point until you pretty make sure you do it regularly.

Tuberculosis is a very common lung disease mostly found in the lower developed countries and rural areas. Tb effects lungs but at the same time can affect our bones, kidneys and other parts of the body and tissues. Although tb treatment has been invented, it has not reached to some places where actually the disease exists.

The treatment of tuberculosis or diagnosing of a person is done in the following manner:

1. Firstly the skin of the person is checked whether there is tuberculin or not. It tell the doctor that how a person is exposed to the infection and to what extent. Although the patient might not have introduced with the disease but at the same time may have some connection to the bacteria. This is developed in a person due to hypersensitivity.

2. Secondly the test Mycobacterium search is done in order to check the Tuberculosis fluids in the tissue.

3. Thirdly, X-ray is being taken of the person to know whether there are some injuries or not inside the patient's body. It is always important to keep a check on your health. Go for regular checkups so that you should be aware of what is going in your body every now and then.

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