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Stroke is a condition that occurs due to the deficiency of oxygen in the brain that may lead to reversible or irreversible paralysis.

The lack of oxygen in the brain also leads a person to heart attack and problems related to speech. The major causes that are elated to stroke are family history, migraine, blood clot disorders and use of contraceptive pills or birth control pills. The other important problem in strokes is that it leads to blockage in blood vessels, stopping blood from going to the heart and thus paralysis attack occurs. Symptoms of stroke are blood pressure on the high level, no control on cholesterol, the person having issues in breathing constantly, overweight and obesity. When person is in the situation when he or she gets stroke frequently then they need to know that they are in danger and meet their doctor instantly.

Wellness Promotion programs for stroke are:

1. Blood pressure and cholesterol in control - A person should always keep a watch on their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

2. No smoking and alcohol - A person should quit smoking and having alcoholic drinks.

3. Healthy diet - A person should always keep in mind that healthy diet is very essential either for keeping themselves away from diseases or living a normal good life.

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