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Quit Smoking

The caption that has been circling in the awareness programs and various other social service organizations is "Quit smoking". The two letter word mentioned above can be a life safer for many if it is been taken seriously and followed by the smokers.

It is been shortlisted that the inhaling of harmful substance or smoking is one of the major causes for death across the world. The habit just do not kill any person, rather it allows the formation of harmful cells in the body which eventually tends to multiply itself and create more such cells and finally leading to the formation of the carcinoma.

Once a carcinoma is set inside a person's body, it is very hard to eliminate them and it would take a toll in the person's body if he or she undergoes a treatment procedure. The habit results in the formation of the harmful cells in the respiratory organ but also affects various others parts of the body like the teeth.

There are organizations that are set up for the people who suffer from withdrawing from the habit of smoking and they help the people with medicines and Counselling. At the initial part of the counseling procedure, people who have the habit of it are shown the videos of those who have undergone the same process earlier and the advantages and the success rate of the counseling process are explained.

They are also shown the urgency of the matter and the effects of it if they do not quit smoking. The video contains the people who have suffered the carcinoma due to the habit. This makes the person who is involved in it to think of the advantages in it and tries to quit the habit of smoking. Advices are also given to them to reduce the habit by reducing to number of cigars that they use daily and also to use the cigars which has a very good filters attached to it.

At present, people who smoke continuously tend to move towards the smokeless cigarettes which do not give out any smoke on inhaling and thereby generally do not affect the lungs and mouth parts. People who are chain smokers can use some sort of chewing gums that are available in the market today to quit smoking very easily and quickly. They actually help reduce the habit of smoking and will help to control the urge to smoke.

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