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Effects of Smoking

Smoking has been a major concern for health in the past century and the number of victims due to it has been an ever increasing one.

The effects of smoking if lined up can even touch sky high and with this in the mind, there are number of social organization that tends to create awareness about them among the locals who consume them.

Most of the people who involve in the habit are the people who work for their daily wages and are illiterate people and hence if they are taught about the ill effects of the consumption of such products, the casualties can be reduced to a large extent. Some of the effects of the habit are impotency, skin diseases and more.

Studies conducted across the world shows that the habit of inhaling the tobacco products can lead to the formation of the unhealthy cells in the lungs, commonly termed as cancer. Another important side effect due to smoking is the impotency which is an inability of the person to perform erection of their reproductive organ. This problem can be a serious one and can even leave the person without child and hence men have to be more careful and avoid smoking.

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