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Today in the world, people are fond using cigarettes in order to get relief from the stress and especially youngsters play crucial role in cigarette smoking just for fun and prestige purposes.

Smoking not only induces harm to the smokers alone and also pretends more on passive smokers but the effects of smoking will be same to both smokers and non smokers.

In America, many children who are under the age of eighteen years begin to use cigarettes for status purpose and therefore nearly three thousands Americas are die of lung cancer when compared to other countries in the world.

Effects of smoking
There are numerous harmful impressions of smoking cigarettes. Among these, lung cancer is the most vulnerable disease mainly induced due the habit of cigarette smoking. Many people are unaware about the harmful substance present in the cigarettes which directly affect the internal organs and sometimes this may even induce death. The carcinogen is the substance which is widely present in cigarettes and this is the ultimate root cause for inducing cancer in human beings by developing cancerous cells in the lungs.

This also even pretends the immune system of the body and straight away leads to some kinds of disease. Especially in United States even non smokers die of lung cancer every year and the mortality rate has been rising to a greater level all over the world due to the impression of smoking cigarettes.


How to stop smoking
Smoking cessation is the most important thing to be considered by the people in order to make the life to be more comfortable and also at the same time this will step up the life span of people to even few years. Anyone is sure to have heard someone say I quit smoking for my family, for my partner or for any other reason. It might be for any reason, but the main thing is that they have stopped harming their health. There are various options readily available to stop smoking but the perfect mind set is required in order to actually stop it.

The fact saying that those are not involved in the habit of smoking generally will have greater life span nearly ten years more than the people who involved in smoking activities. Proper counselling, free camp on ill effects of smoking, mass media, banners about anti smoking are some of the options utilized to stop smoking. Government should ban the usage of cigarettes and some kinds of tobacco products and they also should implement strict rules against the consumption of tobacco products.

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