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What is Sunburn

What is sunburn? When people go out too much in the sun without any protection, they have sunburn. It causes big damage to our skin.

Frequent sunburns cause our skin to be repair free as it cannot be cured after it, early signs of ageing, sun spots and then many skin disorders appear. If you want to look always young then take care to not to go out in the sun.

Cure for Sunburn
After you have got sunburn every next time you go out use a lot of sun block also called as sunscreen lotion repeatedly in every two hours. And use it according to the type of skin you have fair or dark. After you come back, half an hour later rub ice on your skin as it will cool down the sun affect. Covering of scalp and face is very important.

If in case you have not covered it then apply some cream so as to remove the marks on your face. Wearing sunglasses, clothes covering your entire body are all remedies to save yourself from sunburn. One can apply banana with honey to remove their tanning due to sun burn. If serious problems occur you can consult your doctor for best medications. If you do not take precautions then you can set skin cancer.

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