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What is Skin Cancer

What is skin cancer? Skin cancer is a cancer which occurs due to extreme exposure of body parts in the sun. People usually try to avoid this fact but this is the truth.

It usually occurs in the old age people. People with weak immune system when get exposed in the sun can also have skin cancer. It sounds very weird but fair skin people are more prone in developing this disease.

There are numerous types of skin cancer. There is one type of cancer which forms pigments in our cell is known as melanoma. When small round cells are formed in the base of our skin's outer layer then this type of cancer is called as basal cell carcinoma. When flat cells are formed on the surface of this kin then this type of skin cancer is called as the squamous cell carcinoma. When hormones are released from nervous system to response to signals then this type of skin cancer is called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin.

As there are three different types of skin cancers then there symptoms also vary in the three different types. Whenever you find that circles are formed in the bumps and are they have started swelling then you should visit a doctor quickly. Exposed areas like shoulders, neck or face may also suffer with same bumps. Lumps with crusts are developed and it may lead to bleeding. Another symptom like patches is formed on the skin. Usually the size of the patches goes on increasing which causes a lot of discomfort.

In later stages ulcers may be developed with ordinary swelling. Bumps when enlarged become cancerous. In some cases moles are developed with itchy feeling. Some peculiar elements are surrounded by these moles which identified as soon as possible are good for health.

Skin cancer causes to those people who get exposed to sun, ultra violet radiation which are very harmful and can easily prone to cancer. Getting exposed in the polluted environment always which damages the quality of skin is another cause for skin disease. This damage is done in shorter period of time. Skin deterioration can also cause cancer. Thus we can conclude by saying that major causes are contact with chemicals, immune suppression, frequent X rays and getting exposed to ultra violet radiations. Hence any damage in the root of the skin can lead to skin cancer.

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