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What is Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

When you have skin itching, it does not always means that it is due to coming in the contact with any poisonous plant.

One can be allergic to anything and the rash on skin will not always mean that you have touched any poisonous plant. Although coming in contact with poison oak, poison sumac and poison ivy is very dangerous. It also depends on how you have come in its contact. It can be direct contact, indirect contact and contact with its particles.

What is poison ivy?
A rash occurred due to any poisonous plant contact, the red rash which appears on the skin is called as the poison ivy. The rash is developed due to the contact of the weed oil. This oil is called as urushiol. One can only prevent from this itching by just staying away from these poisonous plants. If this rash is exposed to air, the time slowly the red rash turns to brownish color. If you get in contact with these plants then you should take care that in running water wash the area which was exposed and regular shower is compulsory.

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