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What is Ingrown Hair

What is ingrown hair? The hair which grows in the unusual path due to the inflammation in the debris is called the ingrown hair.

It is under growth which causes swelling and further fills with pus. The main cause of ingrown hair growth is use of regular razors. These unwanted hairs look very ugly, dirty and in the beginning cause redness and swelling in the skin. Basic hair removal tips are given below waxing, tweezing and electrolysis.

For removal of ingrown hair, some creams called as ingrown hair creams have come up in the market. One of the most famous, veet is most preferred one in the market.

These unwanted hair clog our pores and cause folliculitis which is full of pus. Dead cells are blocked and it does not let new growth of hair. To remove these problems and stoppage of unwanted hair growth one can try this: before shaving you can scrub the area first then shave it.

The scrubbing will remove all the dead cells. Your skin needs exfoliation for improving your skin. This will also provide regular acids which are required by our body. Brushing should be done for proper blood circulation in motion. Thus one can easily prevent the unwanted growth.

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