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What is Gangrene

What is gangrene? Gangrene is the condition where a person is said to be almost dead because in certain areas of body the supply of blood becomes low.

It can also be caused due to any infection or injury which has took place for a long period of time. Any blood circulation problems lead to gangrene. It can take place in the limbs, in the fingers, legs, arms and also in internal organs and muscles.

There are basically five types of gangrene of which the most common is dry gangrene. Other four are the Fournier's gangrene, internal, gas and wet. It is derived from the Latin and Greek words which mean tissue purification.

Symptoms of gangrene are red line enclosing the tissue from which patient suffering is too much and it is normally seen. This area gets numb and cold. On the other part, the wet gangrene will swell the tissue before its death. Color changes are visible like red to brown, brown to black and so on.

With the pus a lot of odor smell comes from the affected area. Thus, now let's talk about the treatment of gangrenes. There are many treatments available for this kind of disease like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, imaging techniques, maggot therapy, blood transfusions, antibiotics and surgeries.

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