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What is Fungal Infection

What is fungal infection? Fungal infection is an infection in the skin of a person which is harmful to the health causing skin problem.

The fungal infection skin is caused due to fungi a micro organism. This is organic because it is both a kind of plant and animal. The spread of these all over the human body is called as fungal infection. The most common type of fungal infection are given in the glossary below: Candida which is the yeast infection further can grow till the fungus infection, affects the moist parts of the body like toe nails and finger nails. In women it mainly occurs in the vagina as it is a soft moist area.

Another two are tinea and jock itch. Tinea is a skin infection also referred to as famous ringworm. It firstly is a small reddish area and then it appears to be a big ring circular pattern. It looks like it has a lot of worms beneath it but they are actually not. Jock itch is as name suggests very itching in the inside parts of the body like groin, thongs and thighs and it is also a fungal infection. For quick recovery consult the doctor and take precautions accordingly.

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