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What is Chicken Pox

About Chicken Pox
Chicken pox is a very common viral infection which is mostly occurred in childhood due to the virus known as zoster.
A person have not got immunity then it can affect adult otherwise in the age of 12 years or before that. When it is caused in children, it is very mild but at the same time if occurs in adults then it is very severe and high.

It appears like red rashes all over the body which in the beginning starts from forehead then slowly cover the lower parts of the body. The red rashes in the next three to four days get filled with fluid and further like shingles.

Treatment of chicken pox
The best of all is that as a child is born chicken pox vaccines should be given to him/her at that time only. But as it is said that chicken pox occurs once in a lifetime then you should be very precautious regarding it.

When chicken pox occurs in children is mild as told above then it requires mild medication but when it occurs in the adults it is severe and high and requires very high medications with proper care. As it is spontaneous and contagious one should be very careful whiling treating chicken pox.

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