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What is Cellulite

What is cellulite? After doing so much of exercise, diet, wearing clothes sticking our body our fat does not melts. This condition is called cellulite.

This mainly can be seen in the women in the middle ages. As puberty in women grows the cellulitis in the women also grows. But these accumulations of fats are not yet understood. Blaming others for all these to god or ancestors will not take away your fat cellulite. Between the three fat layers the cellulite develops.

In woman's body this is the most superficial layer. This process is organized in the chambers of the tissues which are connective and fibrous. These easily store our fat thus making us look healthier day-by-day.

Many cellulite creams are available in the market if someone wants to use it and try and maintain their health. Treatments for cellulite are normally surgery (cosmetic) by spa and clinic. Other treatments are Body wraps, Cellulite diets, Mesotherapy (drug injection), Liposuction, Anti-Cellulite creams (featuring methylxanthines), Intense massage, Collagenase and Laser/Light therapy. These treatments are not full proof or 100% but these definitely affect one person. Thus it is all up to you that what is comfortable and reasonable for your health.

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