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What is Candida

The natural yeast that are present in our bodies is called Candida. 150 species of Candida are present from which the most common is Candida Albicans.

The function of this yeast is to destruct all the rotten food from our body before any bacteria starts become nasty inside our body. The candidiasis is very healthy bacteria which keep us healthy and our immune system in control. The candida infection in our body is due to the overgrowth of Candida Albicans. There are many reasons for this overgrowth of candida which are poor diet, over medication, diabetes, pregnancy and moulds.

This infection is yeast infection and in further stages gets transferred from yeast to fungal infection. Fungal then affects our digestive system where PH solution in our body becomes acidic. There is slow absorption of minerals and vitamins and finally our body starts weakening.

This further stage is known as the Leaky Gut Syndrome and it targets the blood and low oxygen areas in our body thus increasing the fungus. This fungus itself releases many toxins which are obviously bad for our body and they are Acetaldehyde, Ethanol, Canditoxin and Formaldehyde. Thus one should not let this yeast thrush into our body which can lead our life to death.

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