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What is Bedbugs

Bedbugs are bugs on the bed which occur due to various reasons and start occupying all the space in your house. The color of the bed bugs varies from an adult to a small bug.

Some are red, some are brown, some are reddish brown and so on. After these, they suck your blood and become thick red swollen with blood and they usually die. The time they die they give hundreds of white eggs which in some days will again become bed bugs. This process continues to be on and on.

Bedbugs in the day time hide as they do not want to come in the light and can hide any where they want. These bugs are divided into two small ticks and ticks. Small ticks have six legs where as ticks have eight. Usually they feed on the blood of the animals but bed bugs only feed on the human blood.

Bed bug bites in such a nice way that, area becomes itchy and infected with swollen white skin. Vacuuming and proper cleaning of the house is required so as to save you from bite of the bed bugs. It can also lead to fleas, scabies and mites.

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