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About Bacterial Skin Disease

Bacterial skin disease is a very common skin disease and can be cured without any medication. This is an infection in the skin which occurs due to various reasons.

There are many skin infections but out of all of them the disease caused because of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus is the bacterial skin disease. In this short article we will discuss about the most common bacterial skin disease often faced by people.

The first is Folliculitis is which is caused due to infection in the follicle of hair. It looks like boils or pimple full of yellow pus which can be developed in any part of the body. The second bacterial disease is Furuncle which is very intricate but caused due to infection in the hair follicle and also the sweat glands. It is also a kind of little pimple or nodule red in color, painful and tender.

The third bacterial disease is Carbuncle extending the Furuncle. This affects the fat under the skin with the look of red nodule and ample layers of pus. The last and the fourth one is folliculitis. Hot tub which is caused due to the bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. They occur from the swimming pools and hot tubs which do not have chlorine levels sufficiently.

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