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What is Acne

What is acne? Acne is a kind of skin disorder that any age of people and any gender can be attacked. It is a very common and mostly seen in the adults and teenagers.

There are many people who continue with the treatment but do not get effective results. The major causes of acne are described as below:

1. First of all you should know about the condition of your skin as it can have direct effect with the hormones.

2. Oily skin and dry skin have both different effects on the skin.

3. The biggest cause of acne de stress as high stress can imbalance the hormones level and irritation is cause of acne.

Acne look exactly like pimples but if scratched then the marks will be left there itself. After trying and keep on continuing with the remedies you do not get result as of which back acne comes.

Here are some acne remedies:
1. Do not trigger yourself out in the pollution
2. Do not wear tight clothes
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Do not drink soft drinks.

Although there is no treatment for acne but at the same time some remedies will help you out in solving the problem of acne.

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