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Disease with Urethritis

Disease with urethritis is described under three following heads:

Urethritis is an infection caused due to bacteria and inflammation in the urethra is occurred due to this bacteira.
When the micro organisms enter the urinary system, the urine while passing out from the human body creates problems as the inflammation in the urethra is occurred. It disturbs the whole urinary system. Since the women's size of the urethra is short. The infection can occur anytime because of the carelessness. This can even create problems during the intercourse.

Chalamydia is one of those sexually transmitted diseases which are very commonly found in UK. One would be shocked to know that this is the only sexually transmitted disease which is present in UK. It is caused due to bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis. It affects the genital areas of human beings and can also lead to some eye diseases.

Gonorrhea is also a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by the bacteria known as Gonorrhoeae Neisseria. This bacteria is so capable that it can it can grow in both warm and moist areas in the mucus. These mucus areas should be reproductive like in females fallopian tubes, uterus, urethra and cervix. In males urethra is the reproductive tract.

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