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Systemic STDs

HIV and Hepatitis B are a part of systematic STD's.

HIV also called as the human immunodeficiency virus is the virus which is the major reason of spread of sexual infections in the world.
The most dangerous sexually transmitted disease is called the AIDS and it is caused by this virus. This virus enters the human blood and then starts spreading in all cells of human body. It does not give any pain or any symptoms but gradually leads a person to death. This virus can enter you only when you come in contact with any person who is having this virus. This virus is contagious and transferable and it even multiplies fast.

Hepatitis B on the other hand is also called as HBV. People have some misconceptions regarding this disease with the diagonization of Hepatitis A. Both these diseases are very different from each other. Hepatitis B is a disease cause higher damage to our body and extreme levels may result into liver cancer and damage of cancer on the whole causing cirrhosis but this damage is irrevocable. Thus one should strictly take care with precautions of not getting affected by these diseases.

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