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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

What is STD? Sexually transmitted diseases nowadays have started multiplying as people are opting for multiple partners. Due to this multiple partner sex one would obviously face the problem of sexual diseases and these are so potential that can ruin our life.

Once you even get a thought that you can face STD then you should visit a doctor immediately. We have put up four STD's in this article for your information.

AIDS called as the acquired immune deficiency syndrome is caused due to virus known as human immunodeficiency virus, shortly called as HIV. When this virus enters your blood it spreads like anything that you will not be able to even imagine. It is a contagious disease as it can be transferred from one person to other by many ways. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is a disease which is caused in the upper genital and other reproductive tract of women. These tracts include fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries.

Caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis bacterium, Chlamydia occurs to the people of age group starting from 16 to 24, who mainly have sex in larger ratio. This disease makes its habitat inside the rectum, vagina or penis. When the fluids during the sex are exchanged between the man and the woman, the traces of this disease are found in those fluids viz male semen and vaginal fluids.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In men, there is a burning sensation when a person goes to pee, irritation on the head of the penis with little discharge are some symptoms of this disease. In women, Chlamydia is visible in the vaginal discharge and the uncommon pains while the intercourse. It should be treated as soon as possible and if left untreated then can destruct the women's fallopian tubes and in men there remains no fertility.

Gonorrhea is a stds which is caused by the bacteria known as gonorrhea Neisseria. When people encounter with the multiple partners for having intercourse then the gonorrhea develops. In men it occurs in the areas of reproduction like urethra, where through which the sperms go. In women, the disease occurs in the reproductive areas like cervix, fallopian tubes and urethra. This bacterium is so capable that it can grow in both the warm and moist areas in the mucus. These mucus areas should be reproductive tract. There are some areas which are also moist like eyes, rectum and throat which are also infected in some cases. When the bacteria comes in contact, the symptoms are easily visible are start manifesting in ten days. Many other STD's are also there like scabies, herpes, genital warts and Syphilis.

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