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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also called as HBV. People have few misconceptions regarding this disease with the diagonization of Hepatitis A. Actually, both the diseases are very different from each other.

Hepatitis B is although a disease which does not permits higher damage to our body but at the same time Hepatitis A is highly probable to be creating damage in the body which is permanent and stays for a very longer period of time, infecting the person's liver and then leaving it untreated. Hepatitis B results into liver cancer and damage of cancer on the whole causing cirrhosis but this damage is irrevocable. Hepatitis B is more harmful than HIV as it spreads in the body just like any other fluid does.

Following are some ways in which the Hepatitis B spreads:

1. Unprotected sex is the major reason behind every sexual infection. One should always have protected sex if they are going to multiple partners for doing sex. You never know which virus attacks you when.

2. Used needles are the other reason for having sexual infections. The person if having sexually transmitted diseases uses needles or syringes then the other person should not use it. The reason behind this is that by making use of same needles you are sure to get prone towards sexual infections.

3. In case of pregnancy, when a lady is pregnant will easily transfer virus to her fetus.

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