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Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by the bacteria known as gonorrhea Neisseria. This disease is very contagious and is transferred through sexual intercourse in the 99% cases.

When people encounter with the multiple partners for having intercourse then the gonorrhea develops. In men, it occurs in the areas of reproduction like urethra, through which the sperms enter. In women the disease occurs in the reproductive areas like cervix, fallopian tubes and urethra.

These bacteria are so capable that it can grow in both warm and moist areas in the mucus and these mucus areas are reproductive tract. There are some areas which are also moist like eyes, rectum and throat which are also infected in some cases.

When the bacteria comes in contact, the symptoms are easily visible are start manifesting in ten days. There are some people where the symptoms are neither seen nor have they given pains to the patients. This is dangerous because when this disease starts spreading in the stages which are almost the end of the human being.

In these stages the infection starts developing in the organs like tendons, muscle, affecting joints, heart and valves thought the bloodstream. If proper medical treatment is given, then one can get cure with positive results.

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