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Genital Lesions

Chancroid is a disease which is caused by bacteria known as Hemophilus ducreyi. It is very painful s sores and ulcers are being produced on the head of the penis. It can easily be transferred from one person other if not cured well and can even lead to HIV.

Genital Herpes is also a sexually transmitted disease which is widespread and caused due to virus known as HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. Once you get infected then this will be attached with you for the lifetime, as it cannot be cured but can be bought always under control.

Lympho granuloma venereum (LGV) is also known as tropical bubo. The scientific name given to this disease is Lymphogranuloma inguinale. It is caused due to Chlamydia and also has various types like L-1, L2 and L-3.

Syphilis is caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. It spreads through blood as the bacteria enter the mucus membrane. Ulcers appear on the anus, lips, tongue and mouth. It can also affect the baby in the womb of the mother. If not cured well then will spread all over the body and also destroy all the vital organs in the body.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is caused due to viruses like parasites and worms or even micro organisms and hence can be poisonous as they leave toxics in blood.

Genital Lesions
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