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Ectoparasiric Infections

Whether it Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, health issues exist in almost same and equal ratio. If one does not take care about their health then they should be ready to face the consequences of various diseases. These problems are proved as the biggest curse in the life.

A disease whether curable or not, terminal or not will always create discomfort in one's life. They toll on the person's both personal and professional life with the disturbance even in the social life. But one should always try and think to take it as a challenge and should fight against the disease.

Out of all the diseases, Hepatitis C is also the kind of disease can one can take it is a challenge and can cure it. Hepatitis C also called as the HCV is the disease in the liver and is day by day growing with the effect of causing fatalities. This disease transfers from one person to another through the contact of blood.

A baby in the mother's fetus can also get this disease, or having sex with the multiple partners can also have this disease or through needle stick or razor or toothbrush and many such things. One should be very careful regarding all these things which can cause you in danger.

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