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Chlamydia is the one and only sexual infection, very common in UK. Caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis bacterium it occurs to the people of age group starting from 16 to 24, who mainly are involved into sex to a greater extent.

This disease makes its habitat inside the rectum, vagina or penis. When the fluids during the sex are exchanged between man and woman, the traces of this disease are found in those fluids viz male semen and vaginal fluids. Another possibility of this disease being transferred is through toys when shared in between the sex (not properly cleaned and washed) and oral sex.

A woman pregnant if having Chlamydia can also transmit this disease to her baby inside her stomach. This disease then multiplies as pneumonia or as even conjunctivitis in itself. This is often not visible but some symptoms in men and women do occur. In men, there is a burning sensation when he goes to pee and has irritation on the head of the penis with little discharge.

In women, Chlamydia is visible in the vaginal discharge and the uncommon pains while the intercourse. Burning sensation while peeing and pain in the lower abdominal are some symptoms. It should be treated on urgent basis and if it is left untreated then can destruct the women's fallopian tubes and in men, it leaves no fertility.

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