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Chancroid is also known as the ulcus molle. If people ask you about soft chancre then also it is the same you should not get any confusions about it.

Chancroid is a disease sexually transmitted which is very acute and serious caused because of bacteria called Ducrey's bacillus or and Haemophilus ducreyi bacillus. The symptoms of this disease appear on the skin as ulcers which can be even one or multiple in numbers which when contact continuously bleed.

The ulcer's formation is like a papule which is tender and filled with pus. The sore of this papule is open and the edges of this become ragged and eroded. Unlike syphilis it is very soft. These ulcers usually appear on the head of the penis of the men who are uncircumcised and even it can appear behind the penis's head. The lesions become tender, swollen and commonly very painful where these ulcers occur.

When it comes to women it appears on the outer and inner lips of the vagina, cervix or wall of the vagina. There are also some times when there are no symptoms in women but they do suffer from chancroid. The ulcers of chancroid if not taken cure on time can also lead to high risk of HIV infection. If not treated properly, chancroid can transfer from one person to another very easily.

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