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Prostate is a man's reproductive organ and its size is almost the same of a walnut. The prostate wraps around the tube which carried the urine from the bladder out through the tip of the penis. During the sexual intercourse, muscles squeeze the prostrate's fluid into the uretha and the milky fluid flows.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (bph) is an enlarged prostate, which may cause dribbling after urination process when a person needs to go often, especially at night. There are many symptoms of bph but no definite information is to be got. It usually occurs in older age men and so it is believed that it occurs due to age. Right from obstruction of urethra and gradual loss of the bladder function and this ultimately results in incomplete emptying of the bladder. Some of the very common symptoms are: changes in urination, weak stream, urgency or leaking and most frequent urination.

If you find any such kind of problem, go right away to the doctor. When BPH is suspected, the doctor who specializes in this field has to be consulted. He can identify the problem and decide upon whether the surgery is required or not. In the case of severe can cause serious problems if the diagnosis is delayed. It is better that BPH is cured if it is in its earlier stages and then the complications can be lowered down.

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