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Unplanned Pregnancy

The most joyous moment of becoming a mother can become the most unfortunate and an unhappy moment because of unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned and unexpected pregnancy is the worst experience a teenager may face as it hinders or interrupts their school, routine and other plans.

It puts them under enormous pressure, shame and fear of facing the society, fear of being ignored by their loved ones, inability to cope up with the financial needs to go through the pregnancy, deciding on abortion and the daunting thoughts of their own future and the to be newborn child. The teenage mother does not even know whom to turn to during this critical situation. There are pregnancy clinics and crisis pregnancy center which help teenage mother cope up with the unplanned pregnancy. These clinics are mostly run by the government to aid dismayed and horrified teenage mother to be. They counsel the parents of the teenage mothers too, to help them accept the fact that the depressed mother to be is actually their daughter. This kind of pregnancy clinic plays an important role in making the unexpected mother to handle the pressure, fear, anxiety of unplanned motherhood with ease and confidence, as the world still continues to go on after this incident.

Unplanned Pregnancy
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