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Twins and Multiples

The very thought of mothering a child is pure joy and the actuality of becoming a mother calls for a celebration. When just becoming pregnant is joy, becoming pregnant with twins is overwhelming. But twin pregnancy calls for extra cautiousness during the pregnant period. Moms of multiples feel more of the symptoms of pregnancy. Everything doubles for a woman who is pregnant with twins – the happiness, the physical endurance, the labor pain and all other things felt by a normal pregnant woman.

Having twins means the mother has to eat more and healthy as she will be feeding not two but three lives. Most pregnancy twins are premature and are delivered early. One third of multiple pregnancies deliver premature babies and all the medications and the necessary arrangements for twins schedule should be done in advance. Delivering twins is God’s gift. But with latest advancement in medical technology lets young couple to have twin babies through IVF methods. But it is a costly procedure and hence one has to think twice before signing up with some hospital facilities. Consult the gynecologist and take necessary medications and utmost care after finding out about your pregnancy with twins multiples and double up your joy.

Twins and Multiples
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