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Third Trimester of Pregnancy

If many of you have a lingering question what is the third trimester of pregnancy? The answer is pregnancy and third trimester is marked by growing belly and a growing body. This is because your little one keeps on growing from two and a half pounds to 16 inches long in your womb to 6 or 9 pounds to 19 or 22 inches long between 27 weeks to 40 weeks.

Also the baby will do some activities during pregnancy third trimester such as blinking, regulate its body temperature, receive signals from its five senses, know the difference between light and dark, have a taste of what you eat and listens to your voice. By the end of third trimester of pregnancy you will have to waddle as the baby slides down to the cervix to prepare for delivery. By 39th or 49th week in the third trimester of pregnancy you would have delivered a healthy baby and can hold the baby in your arms and even breast feed now. But during this last stage of third trimester pregnancy, the arrival of baby is marked by high paining contractions followed by jolts or jerks of pain that spreads throughout your body. Some might experience false pains or leakage of colostrums from your breast during this pregnancy by month.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy
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