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Teenage Pregnancy

What is teenage Pregnancy? What is that you need to know about Teenage pregnancy and the effects of teenage pregnancy? Teenage pregnancy is the unplanned pregnancy in girls who are in their teens. There are innumerable numbers of teenage pregnancy reported and it is an issue of major concern in today’s world.

Teenage pregnancies happens because of lack of understanding and awareness about sex education, unprotected sex, bizarre functioning of the teenage hormones. It can also be attributed to rape and early marriage. Statistics about teenage pregnancy says that the United States of America tops the list with highest teenage pregnancy rates reported. There are lots of cons and effects of teenage pregnancy. Teenage mothers are not prepared physically and emotionally to handle such a huge responsibility of motherhood. They are still dependents and may be just doing their schooling. The society might shun and turn away from the teenage mothers. Other effects of pregnant teenagers are incomplete or discontinued education, health hazards for the mother and the child, monetary issues and a difficult life after childbirth for the mother and the kid. With proper parental guidance and awareness about the ill effects of teenage pregnancy this devastating menace can be avoided or stopped.

Teenage Pregnancy
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