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Symptoms of Pregnancy

The pregnancy in woman is detected either through home test kits or by visiting a medical practitioner who might confirm that you are pregnant. Now raises the question, what are symptoms of pregnancy or what are early symptoms of pregnancy? Most pregnant women might experience symptoms for pregnancy such as excess tiredness, craving for unusual foods, nausea, vomiting, headaches and tendency to urinate frequently.

These symptoms of pregnancy first week are not experienced by all women but by only a few. This is because many might only discover they are pregnant in their 3rd or 4th week. Some signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that are experienced by many are breast tenderness or swollen, darkening or areola, darkening of skin in the mid area or mid line of abdomen, spotting or slight bleeding and increased levels of HCG in the body. It is essential to make a record of the symptoms of pregnancy as it is essential to consult your doctor and know whether you are normal and these pregnancy symptoms are normal or requires immediate medical attention. But always remember that it is not necessary that you should experience every symptom of pregnancy as it might vary from one individual to another.

Symptoms of Pregnancy
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