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Stages of Pregnancy

Are you looking for the answer to the question what are the stages of pregnancy? Then you might be excited to know that the term of pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Usually these days are grouped in to three pregnancy trimesters. This is because you cannot keep track of week by week of pregnancy as it might be confusing. During the stages of pregnancy women experience various changes in their body and some discomforts. During the pregnancy first trimester, you might experience tiredness, heart burn, mood swings, tender breasts, upset stomach, food cravings, weight gain or loss. You will experience all these only during first stages of pregnancy. As pregnancy by the week advances you might notice all these signs fading away. Your abdomen will grow big and you will feel the movement of the baby. Observing the pregnancy symptoms week by week will enable you to know that you are carrying a healthy baby and also you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy. In the third pregnancy by trimester you will realize more discomforts such as difficulty in breathing, urinating often which is due to the fact that your baby is growing bigger and bigger which in turn pressurize your major organs. Also you will experience contractions more often that might be fake or real ones.

Stages of Pregnancy
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