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Sex during Pregnancy

Apprehensions are always around regarding the sexual life of couples once the wife is pregnant. Worries surrounding from the pain given to the baby to the miscarriage are all there. Sex during pregnancy thus becomes an alert barrier for most of the couples and makes them do things which they would not want to.  Most of these concerns regarding having sex during pregnancy are handled by the health care provider and the reports suggests that having gentle love does not affect the baby or has any unwanted ramifications.

Women undergo a lot of physical and emotional transformation during pregnancy. In some women the desire to have sex during pregnancy 1st trimester increases and in some it does not. Interestingly, this desire of sex during pregnancy 2nd trimester increases further and hence it becomes imperative for both the partners to be honest with each other.

Having sex during pregnancy calls for precautions and you can gratify your desires of intimacy by being a little careful. It is important for you as a couple to understand comfortable positions while having sex so that the weight on the uterus is minimized. Talk to your doctor to know more about how to have sex during pregnancy. Having Sex during pregnancy benefits include the relaxation of your body muscles and lets you enjoy a better sleep.

Sex During Pregnancy
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