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Second Trimester of Pregnancy

What is second trimester in pregnancy? This is termed as the honeymoon period of 14 weeks to 26 weeks of pregnancy as you can say goodbye to the frequent vomiting or nausea, your emotions are even, your sex drive returns and you will also feel that your baby has started to move inside you.

You enjoy your the second trimester of pregnancy more as you discover the movements of your baby that gives you immense joy. Also there are some changes in your body during second trimester of pregnancy. You will experience second pregnancy symptoms such as your stomach is growing bigger, you need more free and big sized clothes now as your hips starts to expand and most importantly, during second trimester pregnancy, you feel that you are short of breath sometimes even while taking a short walk to the rest room. Some of you might have bad dreams about your baby during second trimester in pregnancy but there is no need to panic as this is normal for all pregnant women as your thinking is fully regarding the baby. Also follow a good diet by including a lot of vegetables and fruits during pregnancy second trimester as it is essential to maintain a healthy body.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy
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