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Pregnancy Loss

The wonderful experience of being pregnant will be a life changing experience. It brings along a lot of change and happiness in a woman’s routine. Giving birth to a baby is such a beautiful experience that minimizes and reduces the pains and discomfort associated with pregnancy to nothing.Unfortunately this experience may become a haphazard due to early pregnancy loss, either because of pregnancy loss miscarriage or death of a child inside the mother’s womb.

Loss of a child that is still unborn can be a distressing situation to the parents to be, who would have had happy dreams about their future family member. It is very hard to comfort a woman who is suffering from loss of a baby.Time will be the best healer for a woman after baby loss.The woman undergoes all the symptoms of pregnancy like pregnancy hair loss even if she has had a miscarriage. It also takes some time for the woman to go ahead with another pregnancy after loss, due to the emotional and the physical drain of the previous miscarriage. Also weight loss during pregnancy is a difficult task as the mother eats more to feed the child within. With a miscarriage, the pregnancy weight loss becomes even more difficult.

Pregnancy Loss
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