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Pregnancy Complications

Complications in pregnancy are the problems during the term of pregnancy. It is of serious and routine nature that might sometimes be due to lack of nutrition during pregnancy.

Hence it is essential to have a good diet comprising of vegetables and fruits during pregnancy. Pregnancy problems that are routine are normal ones which are harmless to the mother or her fetus. But serious problems in pregnancy can lead to maternal or fetus death if not attended properly. Complications of pregnancy must be treated immediately as it might lead to serious problems during delivery or during the term of pregnancy. Some of the normal Pregnancy complication is back pain, constipation, dehydration, edema, contractions, and pain in lower abdomen, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Serious complication pregnancy is such as hyper tension, vein thrombosis, pelvic girdle pain and serious fatal problems such as ectopic pregnancy, multiple pregnancies and placental abruption. These require immediate medical attention.  Another major problem that you must be aware is bleeding and pregnancy that occurs during all stages of pregnancy. This might occur during the first trimester or second trimester or third semester is very abnormal and you have to rush immediately to doctor for treating it immediately.

Pregnancy Complications
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