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Labor and Delivery

After several months of waiting, your due date will be fixed one day and that day might be very near making you to anticipate for labor & delivery. But one thing no one can find out is when the process of pregnancy labor and delivery will occur. It is usually normal for labor and delivery of a baby to start before or after the due date.

This process of labor and delivery will have many signs of labor such as lightening of breathing as your baby’s head drops down to the pelvis region thereby making it easy for you to breathe. You will also see signs of brown discharge from your cervix and this can only occur on the day on or before delivery and labor. Frequent loose stools or diarrhea signifies labor delivery baby. Also you will have ruptured membranes and regular contractions that occur within the period of every 5 minutes during pregnancy labor and delivery. There are three different stages of labor such as Latent stage, active stage and transition stage. Of these the latent stage is very long and pain is slight and contractions are minimal. The next active stage is where you experience intense pain and regular and strong contractions. During the transition stage, the contractions become very painful, stronger and more frequent.

Labor and Delivery
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