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First Trimester of Pregnancy

Soon after you receive the “good news” of conception, many of you might wonder what the first trimester of pregnancy is. This term would have been used your doctor to describe your first month of pregnancy.

The term, “Pregnancy first trimester” is use to describe the three first months of pregnancy. This is usually a very tricky period as your body needs time to adjust to this situation or changes in your body. So, it’s always important to take some precautions during your first trimester of pregnancy. This trimester lasts up to 1 week to 13 weeks. Following certain things in first trimester pregnancy such as staying well hydrated, avoiding harmful habits, caffeine, staying away from junk foods and other unhealthy foods, staying away from your pets and strong odours would prove beneficial to avoid morning sickness and the feeling of nausea. You might also experience first trimester pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, frequent urinating, headaches, tiredness, dehydration, spotting, cramping, loss of weight or weight gain. During the first trimester in pregnancy you have to undergo a series of blood tests as required by your physician. Also you can ask various questions related to your the first weeks of pregnancy and clear your doubts.

First Trimester of Pregnancy
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