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If you are wondering about what might be the signs of pregnancy or whether you already experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy be assured that you are not alone in experiencing this.

Mostly women don’t experience early pregnancy symptoms until the fertile egg attaches itself to the uterus after days of conception. But during the first trimester pregnancy you might experience symptoms or signs of pregnancy such as food cravings, cramping and bleeding, fatigue, your areolas turn darker, urgency to frequently urinate, tender or swollen breasts, morning sickness, alteration in tastes, nausea, vomiting, missed periods and a positive response in the home pregnancy calculator.  During pregnancy many women tend to be very cautious as they experience headaches and back aches. But there is no need to worry as it also falls in category of the symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms fade away with advancing pregnancy stages. While advancing to each stage in pregnancy, it is essential for you to follow and know the exact time of your pregnancy period. This can be easily summed up using a pregnancy calculator and you can also calculate pregnancy by week and months. This enables you to maintain a right track of your pregnancy and maintain your health accordingly.

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