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Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic is the pain which basically take place due to the damage in the nerves and sometimes even those nerves will not function properly.

This condition is also induced by both central and peripheral nerves. This pain comes under the category of chronic pain which lasts for longer period.

What is neuropathy?
The neuropathy is nothing but the group of disorders that take place when the nerves outside of brain and spinal cord are damaged. This is sometimes named as peripheral neuropathy which is generally described due to the damage of nerves in the peripheral nervous system. If all the nerves in the body are not functioning properly at the same time, then it is named as polyneuropathy.

Prevention of Neuropathic Pain
This pain can be easily prevented by undergoing medical checkup once a month and also if one gets heal in the nerves, must contact the physician immediately.

Symptoms of Neuropathic Pain
These kinds of symptoms are completely different from other pain symptoms. Some of them are show below.

1. Shooting and burning pain
2. Tingling and numbness

Cure of Neuropathic Pain
This pain is highly curable by taking proper medications like non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, anti depressants and anti convulsant drugs. There are many invasive techniques also available to heal the pain effectively.

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