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Acute Pain

Acute pain lasts for only smaller amount of period and this pain tends to take place only during the phase of healing of any injury.

This pain will never occur after the injury heals and moreover if proper medications or treatments are not given to acute pain patient, then this will be automatically transferred into chronic which lasts for longer period. There are many ways to differentiate acute and chronic. Moreover these two can be keyed out not by the physical experience but also by the psychological factors. The medical dictionary refers acute pain as the pain which occurs temporarily due to some kinds of infections or injuries in the body. Distressing sensation occur in the body is the general dictionary meaning for acute pain.

Symptoms of Acute Pain
There are no definite signs to this pain because indications will generally reckon on the status of patients and how they are affected by the disease. Some of the general symptoms are cramping, burning, pressure, shooting in different parts of the body.

Prevention of Acute Pain
This pain can be healed by undergoing proper treatments and however earlier prevention of the disease is the ultimate solution for it.

Cure of Acute Pain
This requires immediate medical attention once if the person gets injured. Normally the process includes a method called R.I.C.E which is nothing but giving first aid treatment with rest, ice, compression and elevation.

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