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Causes of Obesity

Apart from adults even obesity in children is increasing day by day. The list of reasons for obesity is not filling upto a page or two, but the list is endless. Few causes of obesity are:

1. Eating junk food or quick food or readymade food at frequent basis

2. No work out and have to do only desk jobs or may be living sedentary lifestyle

3. Modern days have changed the way of eating and if someone is eating a good healthy food then people make a fool out of him.

Obesity has caused thousands of deaths and from them, majorly are heart attacks. Other problems faced by you when you are an obese are coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart strokes, hypertension and the list is endless. People are rushing towards making two ends meet in their lives but in that race, they have completely forgotten that they are losing their health which they don't know even. A sedentary lifestyle or a poor diet is anyways responsible for disease known as obesity.

Eat and exercise well which will make your life easier and smoother to live for!

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