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Heart Disease

Heart disease is always a very broad term used when it comes to any minor problems in the human being's heart. The minor problems can be inside the heart veins or arteries or inflow and outflow of blood in the heart, pumping of blood in wrong directions, and lots others.

Since these problems are very large in number and all related to the heart of the human being, it is always termed as heart disease. There are lots of things to be known about heart disease before deciding the condition, precisely. Below is the information about heart disease that one needs to know.

Coronary heart disease is a disease that increases the risk of heart attacks which arises from the fatty acids deposited. The first phase is called the atherosclerosis, also pronounced as arteriosclerotic heart disease. According to some researchers the "Coronary Artery Disease" in the angina (chest pain) is the first actual sign of heart attacks. This disease leads to heart failure and even early death. Proper medication and treatment with diagnosis is required to treat this dangerous heart disease.

Hypertensive heart disease is a disease that occurs due to hypertension and high blood pressure. The main reason that lies behind this disease is overwork done by our heart. This happens when a person's blood pressure reaches top height thereby stopping the flow of blood from going to the different parts of our body. Other types of heart diseases are Rheumatic heart disease, Dilated Heart Disease and Hypertrophic Heart Disease.

Heart Diseases Causes of Heart Diseases are large in number.The first and foremost cause of heart disease is the bad levels of cholesterol. High cholesterol levels leads to hardening of the arteries. When a person has no control over his/her diet, then the concerned person faces heart problems. The bad cholesterol turns into fat and thus makes the person obese. Heart attacks are also caused due to hypertension.
Heart diseases symptoms are given below in the glossary: Cramping of legs during a walk, pain in the chest, short breath, and pain in the head, dizziness, consciousness loss and palpitation [which means skipping of heart beats]. There are many other symptoms viz, fatigue, changes in skin tone and temperature and memory defects. Thus one should always take care of their health issues and especially issues that are related to heart as soon as possible.

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