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Heart Attack

What is Heart attack? Heart attack is a typical disease of the heart that leads us to death. It might be a minor heart attack or a major heart attack.

A major heart attack leads to direct death and the minor attack is merely an attack. Numerous treatments are available for preventing oneself from death. As everyone knows all the heart problems are caused due to very plain and simple mistakes that any human being tends to commit. Drinking alcohol, smoking too much, high cholesterol level, obesity, hypertension are the major causes of heart attack.

Heart attack symptoms are more sweat, headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling low and lots others. Prevention of heart attack can be done very easily by stopping smoking and also by maintaining the weight at a very normal rate, according to the age and height.

Even symptoms of heart attack in women are visible after menopause. Thus it is always better to be conscious about one's health, keeping in mind that ignoring small issues can cause heart attack which might then result in serious illness or even to instant death.

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