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Dilated Heart Disease

When the heart cavity is stretched and enlarged, blood flows more slowly through it which causes formation of blood clots.

The enlarged heart results in clots formation in the inner lining of the heart and break down of the right ventricle into the pulmonary circulation inside the lung. Dislodge happens and is carried into the body's circulation to form emboli.

This dilation is very typical and complicated. A person will come to know about this problem only when he visits a doctor for regular checkups. The formation of blood clots is a very hectic issue as it can lead a person with mental disability. Dilated heart disease has the word "dilated" because the blood gets dilated and causes break down in the ventricle.

Proper intake of food (fruits and green leafy vegetables), work out (including a lot of physical activities), no drinking and smoking, less weight, less stress are the solutions from keeping oneself away from this heart disease. One should drink a lot of water since it offers a good health. Regular flow of blood without formation of any clots inside the body is very good for the health and this can be achieved only if the person intakes healthy food and practices a healthy lifestyle.

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