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What is coronary heart disease

What is Coronary heart disease? This disease was named by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In the United States it is the major cause of death in men and women.

This disease increases the risk of heart attacks which arises from the fatty acids deposited deep narrowed. The first phase is called the atherosclerosis, also called as arteriosclerotic heart disease. According to some researches the "Coronary Artery Disease" in the angina (chest pain) is the first actual sign of heart attacks.

Coronary heart disease treatment can be done in many ways. It starts from improving the heart's efficiency. It can also be achieved through relief of oedema which denotes a low salt diet. Another method called diuretics is also very useful. As the treatment methods followed are vast, this disease can easily cured, if found in the initial stage itself.

Keeping the cholesterol levels low before they reach heights can be the best way to prevent this disease. Smoking sessions should be stopped completely (if people are smoking more, they should try and control it). One should maintain their health which means that one should maintain their bodily weight too. Before you get into such troubles, you need to go for regular checkups and if you find any symptoms then you need to immediately take medication as soon as possible.

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