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TV viewing a cause for obesity

Television is one thing that is stationed in every home's living room or bed room and has variety of programs to attract the kids and adults with the same level of interest. People get addicted to TV viewing and sometimes even forget to do their regular work.

This leads to the obesity as there is no physical activity involved. This occurs due to the many number of hours spent before the television which makes a person to gain a lot of weight. Even kids become obese, these days, which is the worst part. Some of the causes that might lead to obesity while watching TV are as follows:.

  • Watching TV for hours: Watching TV for hours will make you crave for soft drinks or snacks which might trigger off weight gain.
  • Very bad eating habits: Sticking to the television for a longer period of time makes you to skip meals and this would lead to irregular eating habits. Mostly teens and house wives are caught up in such a situation that would lead to overweight or obesity. This tendency to skip meals at the right time would make you to eat huge portions of food that would accumulate a lot of fat and lose the concentration of the intake of the fats available in plenty in junk food and other fried foods.
  • Lethargic and lack of work out: Watching too much of television would make you lazy and might enable you to stay away from workout regime as your interest lies only on the programmes on the television. This also contributes to obesity as you don't sweat without a work out regime.

  • TV viewing a cause for obesity

  • Influence of stress: You might be watching a reality show or a talent search show which would have eliminations or expelling of your favourite actors and which might be stressful for you and also cause depression which again would trigger over weight in people and kids.
  • Influence of plays: You might be a diehard fan of some plays and some episodes would not be favourable which will be reflected in the psychological factors of yours. This would make you to binge eating enabling you to accumulate many lbs of body weight.
  • Medical problems: Sitting ideally on the couch without any work out would enable you to invite some unwanted disease such as cholesterol or diabetes as the body is not getting enough rest or exercise to make it a healthier one.
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